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Device Setup

Open Network
General >
iPhone >
iPad >
Android IMAP>
Android POP>
Outlook 2010 >
Apple Mail >
Business Mail >

  1. Open your apps folder.
  2. Click on your Email app.
  3. Fill in your email and password then click next. (If you already have another email setup, click Add Account before this step.)
  4. Select POP3.
  5. Fill out the account setup then click next.
    - Username: your username@thebright.com
    - Password: your password
    - Server: pop.thebright.com
    - Port: 995
    - Security type: SSL/TLS
    - Delete email from server: your choice
  6. Fill out the SMTP setup then click next.
    - SMTP server: smtp.thebright.com
    - Port: 587
    - Security type: STARTTLS
    - Require signin: YES
    - Username: your username@thebright.com
    - Password: your password
  7. Choose your account settings and click next.
  8. Choose the account name you will see in your mail app. Pick a name to show on your emails then click next.

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